Optimizing Workflow and Synchronization with QS/1®.

Jason Turner, PharmD, discusses syncronization and patient adherence.

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Jason Turner, PharmD, discusses how Workflow helps improve productivity, customer convenience and accountability.

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Read the story of Moundsville Pharmacy and find out why owner Jason Turner, PharmD, credits QS/1 with helping his pharmacy succeed.

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Moundsville Pharmacy became a Model for Synchronization and Adherence

Jason Turner, PharmD, owner of Moundsville Pharmacy, believes QS/1's solutions have been a key to creating successful changes in his pharmacy. The pharmacy was recognized by OutcomesMTM® in 2014 as the “Top MTM Center in West Virginia” and completed 90 percent of Mirixa® CMRs in 2015.

Using the NRx® Pharmacy Management System, Moundsville Pharmacy focused on medication adherence, prescription synchronization and pharmacy workflow to:

  • Increase monthly prescription volume 22 percent
  • Enroll 850+ patients in a synchronization program
  • Fulfill 55 percent of prescription volume through patients in the synchronization program

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