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QS/1® Five-Star Rating and Adherence Tools for Pharmacists

Statistics show that an alarming number of people take their medications improperly or inconsistently, or don’t even take them at all. In fact, the National Institutes of Health reports that up to 20% of patients fail to fill new prescriptions, and 50% of people with chronic conditions discontinue their medication within six months. QS/1 can help you improve patient compliance as well as Five-Star Quality Ratings instituted by CMS. From refill reminders to prescription synchronization, QS/1 offers multiple tools your pharmacy can use to increase adherence and improve Five-Star Ratings.

So Simple Prescription Synchronization

You're busy. Your patients are busy. Aligning all patient refills for the same day of the month – and eliminating multiple trips to the pharmacy – just makes sense. Plus statistics show synchronization makes a staggering difference in patient adherence. QS/1 can help you identify the best synchronization candidates and synchronize their prescription refills.

Multiple Refill Reminder Capabilities

You can't tie a ribbon around your patients' fingers, but you can employ smart strategies to increase adherence. QS/1's Health-Minder® refill reminder program offers four ways to remind you and your patients when it's time to refill.

Safety and Tracking

Keeping patients abreast of their conditions and treatment plans is crucial in maintaining adherence. QS/1's Medication Therapy Management (MTM) tools help you educate your patients on taking their medications properly, and provide the ability to monitor when they fall behind.

Five-Star Rating Measures

Implementing and tracking the quality measures instituted by CMS can benefit both pharmacies and patients. Pharmacy benefits include potentially higher patient satisfaction, more opportunities for medication therapy management services, improved patient outcomes and increased prescription sales if patients adhere to their medication therapies. One of the greatest advantages to these tools is that once activated, the calculations are automatically completed, allowing you to appropriately screen patients.

Adherence Tools to Help Patients

It takes two to maintain adherence. QS/1 offers tools for you – and tools you can offer your patients – so they can play an important role in their own compliance. A recent study published in a special issue of the American Journal of Managed Care found that people who received automated reminders were more likely to refill their blood pressure and cholesterol medications. With QS/1's numerous refill reminder options, you can help your patients stay on their prescribed schedules.

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