Work the way you want
with a flexible workflow solution.

When you have your own fulfillment process, there's nothing more frustrating than having to conform to a pre-defined workflow. QS/1® offers multiple user-defined options, so you can call the shots, define your methodology and work exactly the way you prefer.

QS/1's Workflow Solution

When prescriptions move through the pharmacy efficiently, patients benefit from accuracy and safety while employees benefit from a streamlined process that reduces stress and allows for faster processing with heightened accuracy. Whether you prefer to manage your workflow by your pharmacy or the facility, QS/1 offers customizable tools to create your ultimate workflow management system.

QS/1's Flexible Workflow

Given that employee tasks vary, defining workflow per workstation is key for pharmacy efficiency. Why bog down your entire staff with action items that don't pertain to them? QS/1's Workflow allows for customization at each workstation to workstation, keeping your operations streamlined and focused.

The Advantages of Workflow

The advantages of QS/1's Workflow reach far and wide. A well-defined system not only results in more organized and efficient operations but also enhances patient care and bolsters compliance.

Real-Time Pharmacy at a Glance Dashboard

Dozens of functions take place at any given time in a pharmacy, making it difficult to keep up with everything. With Pharmacy at a Glance you can quickly see the exact information you need without clicking through endless queues.

What Else is Hot? Customizable Sidebar and Hot Keys

Further tailor each workstation with the information each staff member utilizes the most. With QS/1's Sidebar and Hot Keys, you can customize frequently used icons and designate hot keys for each workstation's most common drugs.