Introducing SharpRx®. The future of pharmacy is here.

The world of pharmacy is ever changing and always challenging. To create a next-generation pharmacy management system, we consulted with many time-strapped and overwhelmed pharmacists on their wants, needs and desires. Easier navigation, simplified searching and faster processing with fewer steps are what we heard. With pharmacist guidance and QS/1 innovation, SharpRx is what we built.

SharpRx works your way.

Easy on the eyes and simple to navigate with user-friendly icons, SharpRx was designed to work intuitively. In fact, some pharmacists were able to easily fill prescriptions with SharpRx prior to training. An inviting, uncluttered screen displays the most frequently used daily tasks and functions. Touchscreen, keyboard and mouse capabilities allow you to work in your preferred manner. With its user-centric design and immediate usability, SharpRx is easy to learn, even easier to navigate and simplifies the daily challenge of multitasking.

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SharpRx searches your way.

With SharpRx, there’s no one way to search for information – just your way. Relevant icons and a prominent search bar on every screen eliminate clicking between screens, and smart-search technology allows for keyword or partial information searches for prescriber, patient, medication and more – from any screen.

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SharpRx simplifies in every way.

With more built-in tools for efficiency – and fewer steps and keystrokes – SharpRx is synonymous with productivity. Designed with multiple time-saving features, SharpRx:

  • Includes an easy-to-use custom label and form generator.
  • Clearly displays e-script information.
  • Automatically sends e-scripts to the prescription intake queue.
  • Scans barcodes from any screen.
  • Includes built-in compliance measures that automatically alert you to any errors.
  • Works with the printers, barcode readers and other equipment you already have in place.
  • Switch between functions quickly and easily without having to start over on a task, because interruptions are inevitable.

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